The Cutty Sark Suite


The main compositional project I am working on is a Suite inspired by the Cutty Sark return journey from China to London. Cutty sark was a famous English clipper built in 1869 in Scotland who used to carry teas and spices from China to London. After visiting her in Greenwich Village museum, an idea came to my mind: writing a piece for each stop of the Cutty Sark journey from Shanghai to London. The initial idea was to combine jazz with elements taken from the traditional music of the place she went through her journey.

However, the theme of the journey itself turned out to be as fascinating as the research into each musical tradition. Therefore, I adopted an “in character” approach to the composition of my pieces: suggestions from each musical tradition got incorporated into each piece, just like a visitor docked at a port would be fascinated by the many sounds and languages found in that place. This suite aims to be the musical diary of a half-real, half-imaginary journey.


My partner Andrea (acoustic guitarist) and I have a beautiful duo composed by guitar and saxophone where both of us sing. Our genre goes from jazz to folk music, using the percussive acoustic guitar features and the sweet sound of the soprano saxophone to create a unique and interesting sound landscape. We regularly do gigs in London, England and Italy in pubs and theatres. We have just released our first EP: "Remember Music" available on Bandcamp. 

Please also check our videos on Youtube.

Sloth In The City

Saxophone and electronics

Check my new video of experimental music using Max/MSP. It is based on the tale "At Daybreak" by Italo Calvino ("Le Cosmicomiche")

Betty Accorsi Quartet